The exceptional women of NBI (Part I)

NBI is celebrating the exceptional women in our homes all this week. This is the first in our Women’s Week series exploring inspiring stories from the girls of NBI.

‘When you invest in a girls education, she feeds herself, her family, her community and her nation.’ – Erna Solberg (President of Norway)

True words indeed.

Education changes lives. It fuels your curiosity and pushes you to find answers. But most importantly, it is a human right. And one, when granted to females, brings them a plethora of hopes and dreams which have a chance of becoming reality. With parallel thoughts of same, here in NBI, we aim to send out not only formally educated girls, but girls who are taught to remain independent. Girls who learn and experience the meaning of perseverance.

Which is why, in commemoration of the ‘World Women day’ on March 8th, we believe sharing the stories of our very own superwomen who experienced the magic of education and empowerment is the best way to celebrate the event.

Anusha was a mere 10 year old when she lost her father. The sudden loss affected her family greatly. Being the youngest of three siblings, she was sent to her maternal uncle’s house as her mother found it difficult to bring up three kids on her own. Unfortunately, her mother was a frequent victim of her uncle’s mistreatment, often receiving demands of money and refusal to feed Anusha. It was then she joined NBI which provided her with an opportunity for education, a luxury which she had trouble affording. And fortunately for her, things looked up ever since. And today she’s a first year student of B.Com in a Government college in Malleshwaram. And thus was it proved: Success is the fruit of handwork and a well-deserved opportunity.

And with a story special in its own way, we introduce another one of NBI’s very own she-roes, Manasa

She was the second eldest of 4 siblings, and was the daughter of a farmer. Her mom unfortunately passed away due to a snake bite when she was 5. She was later taken in by her aunt along with her sister who was childless and continued her education until 5th grade. But this is where things took a dark turn. Her aunt unfortunately became an alcohol addict, not allowing proper circumstance to study and pursue education peacefully. After she went back home, NBI fortunately discovered her and offered her an opportunity to study. And with her tenacity and pertinacious mindset, she is now a proud student pursuing B.COM in an English medium government college. She holds a big dream and hopes to help her dad with farming once she is employed.

And thus my dear comrades, these are our success stories. And one can say with certainty, there is no prettier face than one of a girl whose hopes are alive and dreams are big. Is there a better accessory than education itself to achieve that level of beauty? I think not.

And in the end, comes the question worth a million dollars,’ What exactly is female empowerment?’ And here is our answer to that: Providing females of all categories equal opportunities and a promise of a good future by offering them education. For it truly changes lives.


Board Member OF NBI

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