How did Need Base India come to be?

Rahim Shaikh, a child activist from Raichur, founded NBI. Rahim worked with an NGO Sathi that rescued runaway children who came into contact with trains and linked them with their families for numerous years. When a family’s circumstance is poor, abusive, exploitative, or all of the above, not all restored children stay with their families. As a result, reuniting children with family isn’t always the best choice. In actuality, in some cases, parents are apathetic about the restored child, and the home environment is unsuited for the child’s development.

Due to extreme poverty, the majority of families are unable to provide a suitable environment for the child. As a result, Shaikh and a colleague, Mr. Mallikarjun C. Badigar, established Need Base India (NBI). In addition to his ten years of experience in child protection work, Shaikh’s three years as a member of the Child Welfare Committee in Bangalore from 2007 to 2010 provided him with a better understanding of the legislative and regulatory framework in India governing dealing with vulnerable and needy children.

The mission of NBI is to advocate for “Child Rights” and to ensure that every child has a “Happy Childhood,” allowing children to grow into responsible citizens. Its goal is to provide children who do not have appropriate parental care, stability, love, and affection, as well as to empower them via education and provide them with every conceivable exposure and chance to perform well and have a happy childhood. The work of NBI is founded on three fundamental values: honesty, integrity, and empathy.

In practise, NBI aspires to provide holistic development, including care and protection, health, education, and life skills, to children from underprivileged families or groups who have little or no access to appropriate food, shelter, or schooling. This is done with the belief that people would be able to have a positive effect on their communities and society in the future.

NBI’s headquarters are in Bangalore, Karnataka. The projects of the organisation are centred in and around Bangalore. NBI also operates in 16 villages in Koppal and 4 villages in Raichur, two of the poorest districts in Karnataka & runs eight children’s homes in Bengaluru, Karnataka.