'Promoting gender equality through empowerment of girls'

What we do?

One of the ways to break the vicious cycles of inequality and exploitation is by providing equal education and employment opportunities to girls. This will definitely instil self-confidence among females and make them independent. Further, a balanced society will promote stability, happiness and a better economy.

Why do we do it?

The inequalities breed unequal opportunities and discrimination, hampering both the genders. However, statistically, females are the most disadvantaged. In India, girls face many restrictions, be it traveling alone or taking major decisions associated with education, marriage and work. 

Many of the girls are either unaware of their rights or are unable to exercise them because of patriarchy, culture and traditions. With such inequalities, discrimination and practices at play; a majority of females are vulnerable to child marriage, teen pregnancies, abuse and exploitation.

How do we make it possible?

Sensitising parents on importance of education

Majority of the girls in the government school are first-generation learners and belong to low-income earning families. Thus, their parents stress on early marriages and sometimes, compel them to tie the knot even when they haven’t reached the age. 

NBI tries to sensitise parents about the importance of education and being financially independent in the lives of their young girls.

Identification of girls needing additional education support

Young girls with decent education but a difficult home environment are enrolled under this program. The idea is to ensure minimum education for such girls. 

They are provided with additional scholarship, coaching after school hours, counselling, life skills and self-defence training. In 2017-18 this program was started with 58 girls studying in 9th and 10th standards in the government school in Jalahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka. 

Among this, 21 girls are from one of the residential homes of NBI, while 38 are from the surrounding community.

People Contributed So Far

Empowerment of a girl in a family is empowerment of the family..If you too believe so then please