Rainbow Foundation India (RFI)

Rainbow Foundation India is a national level NGO working for the most marginalised and disadvantaged children. They provide residential facilities to children focussing on child centre care, comprehensive education and complete wellness program. 

NBI collaborated with RFI in 2011 with the start of a residential home for 25 girls in Jalahalli village in Bangalore. The collaboration helped in many aspects other than the financial help. It helped in understanding ways of providing comprehensive care to children, in building and strengthening team, networking with organisations working with children, in building a knowledge base etc. Shortly, within 3 years, RFI helped in starting with another residential home ‘Sneha Ghar’ for boys in Shantinagar, Bangalore in 2014. 

So far, more than 100 girls and 60 boys are being provided with support and care with this partnership.

RFI was our first partners in trying to help the needy and vulnerable children in Bangalore. They showed confidence in us and our program. NBI is ever thankful for the timely support and guidance provided by them. The collaboration is truly valued and we will cherish this partnership for years to come.

Lakshaya Changing Lives

A charity started by a group of likeminded individuals in Bangalore aims at helping orphans and under privileged children. They came to the rescue of children of NBI when they needed the most. 

It was in 2015 when NBI was running a program called ‘Urban Deprived Children’. Under this program, around 50 boys from difficult background and having discontinued education were made to participate in ‘School Motivation Camps’. After completion of the program, we realised that 50% of these boys needed long term support with shelter, food and education. These children were from extremely deprived background or with highly dysfunctional families. Sending them back to the difficult environment did not seem as an option. NBI was then desperately in search of partners for starting of a residential boy’s home for these children. It was then we came in contact with Lakshaya Changing Lives whi shared our vision of helping the most vulnerable children. Thus, we started the ‘Lakshya Udan Home’ in Siddapura, Bangalore.

With this partnership, 60 boys have been provided with comprehensive care for the past 5 years. 


E-vidyaloka is a social enterprise helping in improving the quality of education in rural schools through the use of technology. NBI was also keen on helping children studying in rural parts of Karnataka especially in Koppal and Raichur. 

We were fortunate to come across E-vidyaloka who were also keen in scaling up the model of online teaching and especially in rural parts.

In the past 4 years, this program has reached out to 1000 children in 20 schools of 25 villages.

Thus, we collaborated with E-vidyaloka in helping improve the quality of education for children studying between 5th -8th std in rural schools of Koppal, Karnataka. In the past 4 years, this program has reached out to 1000 children in 20 schools in 25 villages.

MV Foundation

The Foundation established in 1981 works for children and their rights. The Foundation helped in running Bridge Camp (for school drop-out children) at NBI. They have been an active partner helping us through their robust monitoring of the programs. This has helped us in improving our programs.

In the past 4 years, this program has reached out to 1000 children in 20 schools of 25 villages.

Concern India Foundation

The ‘Girl Child Project’ was started with the help of Concern India Foundation and Intuit. Under this project the most vulnerable girls were identified from the communities. The idea was to motivate the children to complete their minimum education and become self independent while preventing them from marrying early.

United Way Mumbai

Our partnership goes way back to 2017. We have collaborated for multiple projects like installing water purification system, improving sanitation at Government schools, Child Road Safety program and recently helping in the distribution of relief during Covid.

Smile foundation

NBI has partnered with Smile Foundation in 2016-17 under their program named ‘Mission Education’. Through this program, remedial coaching was provided to children from 1st to 10th std as well as nutritional support.

Pragathi Charitable Trust, Bangalore

The Trust has supported one of the residential homes through mobilising funds in kind as well as in cash. Along with this they have also linked us to many dedicated volunteers thus, strengthening our human resources.

Project Sparkl, Bangalore

Children at Need Base India’s (NBI) shelter homes are very well cared for, and they attend the government school in the area. 

NBI has collaborated with Project SparkL, a non-profit organization to bridge the gap between their actual grade level and functioning grade level by using strategic skill- based teaching techniques through after-school programs in English, Math and the local language at the shelter homes. They deliver this with the help of teachers from the local community.   Project SparkL trains these teachers and hold classes for the children at the centres, helping them achieve grade level.

Let’s Do Some Good & Samriddhi Trust, Bangalore

Lets Do some Good has a strong network of organisations and individuals working in the Development sector. NBI’s has been benefitting from the network. 

With the help of Samriddhi Trust, NBI has been running its Bridge camp since past one year. Additionally, the school drop-out children who have completed the camp and enrolled into schools are also provided with ‘After School program’. These serve as an additional handholding for the newly admitted children.

Rise Against Hunger

The organisation has helped us in providing nutritious food to the children. Since past 4 years, the collaboration has helped in serving good quality rice to children. Two hearty meals in a week is provided to 450 children with the help of Rise Against Hunger.

Samartha Trust

NBI has collaborated with Samartha Trust for creating an inclusive and equal society for children who are differently abled. Various programs related to education, health and social inclusion has been started under this collaboration.

Babies on Bridge

Babies of Bridge is a friendly organization (250+ members) where people come together to help marginalized sections of society. We mobilize funds through our friends, well wishers to support the needy children.
We have been helping Need Base India since 2014, which is actively helping the children by providing shelter, food and protection resulting in overall development of a child. Our team is always up for fulfilling the requirements of NBI children, teaching  and organizing different events, competitions and sponsoring education for them

Being Social

The power of volunteerism has been explored through the organisation called as Being Social. The dedicated and committed volunteers are involved in various activities like teaching children, engaging them in sports, fun activities, in celebrating special occasions etc.

Gift Abled

Gift Abled works for children who are differently abled. They have been an active supporter of the programs at NBI. They have partnered in connecting us to volunteers who are passionate about working with the most disadvantaged children. The volunteers spend their special occasions with the children of NBI.


The organisation known for its volunteer base has linked NBI with dedicated teachers. The teachers are helping constantly in improving the subject knowledge of the children in Science, Maths and English.

Thank you for the support to Children & their Parents

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