Department of Education, Karnataka

NBI’s unique program is running its residential homes in the Government school premises. From one residential home in the beginning, we have now expanded into eight residential homes. This has been feasible because of the co-operation and support from the Department of Education. The Government schools where we function are co-operative towards our programs, children and staff. We are extremely thankful to them.

Department of Women and Child Development, Karnataka

As an organisation working in the area of child care and protection we follow the JJ Act. Our team members attend meetings with Child Welfare Committee (CWC) once in 15 days while children are also referred through CWC to the residential care of NBI.

Department of Police, Karnataka

We also work closely with the Department of Police who have supported us in numerous times. They help us in arranging awareness programs, tracing children when they drop out from residential home, rescue of children in difficult situation etc. They also encourage children by participating in various celebrations like Independence Day, Republic Day etc.

Thank you for the support to Children & their Parents

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