Advocating child-friendly practices

NBI is a firm believer and promoter of ‘Child Rights’. We conduct various awareness programs in multiple government schools, with the help of teachers, parents and children. Majorly, these programs are related to child rights and the prevention of abuse and exploitation of children.

Child Rights

The United Nations Convention of Rights of the Children in 1992 summarises rights of children beyond human rights. At NBI, this forms the basis of awareness programs for children, parents and communities.

Transition from Child to Adulthood

This awareness program aims at the smooth transition of children into adults. Important aspects, like Body, Mind and Health, Good Touch Bad Touch, Menstrual hygiene, etc. are part of this program. Children are engaged through one-on-one interactions as well as group sessions. Creative teaching through audio-visual modes, videos, illustrative books etc. are used for the sessions.

Right to Education

The RTE was passed in 2009, and since then, there have been several amendments to the act. Though the benefits of the program are aimed for the poorest, yet it remains an inconceivable thought to several parents and families. Thus, we have curated awareness programs to tell about the critical aspects of this act.

Road safety Program

In collaboration with United Way Mumbai and Global Road Safety, we have started ‘VIA-Global Road Safety Education for the next generation. VIA is a simple, accessible and cost-effective programme, designed to help children and adolescents think, learn and act on key road safety messages in all its dimensions (behaviour, skills, rules, infrastructure, etc.) and at multiple levels, including personal, school, street and neighbourhood. This will help children and adolescents to take initiatives and improve safety and quality of life while on the road.

Following are the key objectives of the awareness programme 

So far, 1000 school children in 5 government schools have been reached out through this program.

Relief Work during Covid-19

The Covid-19 outbreak has had quite a disastrous effect on developing, developed, as well as under-development countries. The pandemic has hit every stratum of the society, irrespective of the caste, creed, religion, gender and economic status.  

Two major lockdowns, social distancing norms and restricted businesses have impacted the country adversely. Both the government and non-government organisations have been fighting hard to help as many disadvantaged people as possible during the crisis. 

NBI, too, was proactive in helping the families and children in need, especially during the lockdown period. Resources in cash and kind were mobilised from our supporters and well-wishers. 

COVID kits, containing grocery items and basic sanitation, were distributed to low-income generating families, residing in slums and similar communities. These kits were also distributed to the families of the children staying at NBI’s residential homes. We reached out to more than 2000 families during the lockdown period in April-June 2020.