Success Story: 1

Success Story: 1

A Ray of Hope

This is the story of Jyothi, a young girl who was born and raised in Koppal, Karnataka in a very deprived household. She joined Need Base India – Rainbow Home when she was just 8 years old &now, she became an inspiration for the strong resolve she displayed.

Jyothi’s father was an alcoholic, and her mother was trying to meet the basic necessities of their four children. Because of their father’s behaviour, she was afraid for their children’s safety. Later, she discovered the Need Base India residential program, which provides holistic solutions, individual care, and attention to many disadvantaged children in similar situations. Jyothi joined Need Base India with new hope for her future in the year 2012

When Jyothi first arrived at Rainbow Home, she was known for being a mischievous and naughty child. She had that wandering mind and was often lost in her own world. The child  has gradually become more friendly and studios. Her smile has the power to capture anyone’s attention! The child has consistently outperformed her peers in her evaluationsandisa quick learner. The young girl has always had huge aspirations and worked hard to realise them.







Jyothi’s pleasure was surpassed when she expressed her desire to join NBI’s cause. She has joined NBI as a regular employee on June 2020. She organises online classes and teaches elementary school kids at home. She began earning Rs. 12,000 per month in 2020, and after a year of experience, she is now employed as a Retailer at Vishal Mart, where she earns Rs. 18,000 per month. It is a delight to see the young girl’s metamorphosis from “never gone to school” to “graduate” and now “contributing” in the Development sector.

“I want my kids to attend school&I don’t want them to go through what I went through,” She would add.

Needless to say, Jyothi is now more equipped for all of life’s problems. She realises she can now take better care of herself and is no longer reliant on others. Jyothi, according to her name, is a brilliant example of tenacity and drive for all of us!

Are you inspired by Jyothi’s story? Your support can give more girls like Jyothi the life they truly deserve. If you would like to help our students through your organisation, do get in touch with us at [email protected]

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