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The Rainbow Home is a residential home providing a place of security and basic comfort for the vulnerable girls on the streets. This project is run in the government school premises at Jala Halli Village, Bangalore. They have allotted a big hall and three class rooms for running the Rainbow Home. There are 81 girls staying in our Rainbow Home. It was started in Feb 2011. It is a long term project and is very closely associated with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA), which is an Indian Government program aimed at the universalization of elementary education.

The children enjoy the benefits of being inside a regular school with its activities, interactions with the better privileged peer group studying at the regular school, the rough and tumble of normal school life and the friendly interaction with other children of varying backgrounds, creeds and castes. This positive environment enables each child to grow and reach her full potential.

We provide care, protection and comprehensive education including life skills for the girls.


We launched a project for the rehabilitated street children, called Lakshya Udaan Home for Boys. The genesis of this program can be traced to Need Base India’s ‘Urban Deprived Children’ program. 45 children were initially admitted to our School Motivation camps held under the Urban Deprived Children program.

During the course of the camp, Need Base India realized that 30 children from the group came from highly deprived and dysfunctional backgrounds, making it impossible for them to lead a normal life, if left on their own. A need for intervention beyond a motivation camp was felt to ensure the children were given care, protection and education.

NBI discussed this with Lakshya Changing Lives and decided to start Lakshya Udaan home. Located in the Government School premises at Siddhapura, Bangalore, the residential home currently houses 30 underprivileged boys, giving them care, protection and education.


This program is another residential home for underprivileged boys’ from the diverse backgrounds such as; street children, runaway, orphans and so on. This program is supported by Rainbow Foundation India Hyderabad. It is currently located in the Government Primary School premises Akkithimmanahalli, Shanthi Nagar. Now there are 60 boys who are getting care, protection and education in this centre.


Urban Deprived Children: We are running another project named Urban Deprived Children (UDC), which is supported by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and located in the Govt. Kannada School, Aakki Thimanahalli, Shanthinagar, Bangalore. The project was founded for children who didn’t have the opportunity to go to school, children who dropped out of school and those who experienced the life on the street.  For these children, we organize school motivation camps for 30 days, encourage them to start studying and admit them in the Govt. Schools.  It takes six months to one year to reform the children and admit them in the schools.  In the year 2014, there were 45 children in our residential program.

The UDC program is only supported for one year.  After the UDC program, the children needed continuation support for the long term.  Hence, we had approached Rainbow Foundation India to fund the program and Dept of Education for the shelter support.   Mrs Anuradha, Director of RFI and Mr Bahadur, Program Director, RFI had visited here and saw the existing home set up and extended their support for boys home in Bangalore.  The Dept. of Education also gave permission run the residential home.

Chaampion girls-1

The Danske IT and Support Services Ltd, Bangalore were willing to help children found in the difficult home situation. We explained about the program of Rainbow Home, Sneh Ghar and Lakshya Udaan Home, they were impressed about the amazing work done by our team.  They were totally convinced and inspired to start a similar model near their corporate office.  They have approved to support 30 boys for a long term.  We identified a Govt. School, at Panathur, Kadubeesenhalli and started the program.  All thanks to Mr. Jayaram and Mr. Chetan,  Danske IT and Support Services Pvt Ltd. for approving the program.  These children who have been living on the streets, today call Champions Boy’s Home as their new found nest. This initiative was started in Sept 2016


It’s another remarkable day in the history of Need Base India that with the support of FreeBasics started a Girls Home for children living on the streets and in other vulnerable situation.  This step was taken together due to increase in number of girls in vulnerable situation and planned to set-up a home for them.  We were very fortunate that, we got a very good Govt. School building situated in Srirampuram, behind Malleshwaram, Bangalore.  This school has more safety in terms of infrastructure and also a Police station is situated exactly beside to our School Building.  We had named the ‘home’ as a ‘FreeBasics Foundation Home’ for Girls and it will support 25 girls.  We are very much thankful to Mr. Richard, Mr. Aftab and Mr. Sharad for willing to extend support for these children.  On 1st April 2017, the program started and on 1st June 2017, the Girls were shifted to Govt. School, Srirampuram, Bangalore.

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After successful establishment of Champion Boys Home, Danske IT and Support Service Ltd came forward to start a similar girl’s home for the street children living streets.  We were very glad about the initiative taken by the Danske IT to support 25 girls.  As we could not identify, a suitable Govt. school to run the Girls Home, hence it is started in a private building at Hoodi, White field.  It started in May 2017 and was inaugurated on 7th Aug 2017.  We are very grateful to Mr. Jayaram and Mr. Chetan, Danske IT and Support Services Ltd.



The project helps addicted and street children living in the Bangalore’s urban areas. These children are addicted to street life and spend maximum time on the streets. Children take advantage of their parent’s absence and callous attitude towards them and roam on the streets. They easily come under peer group influence and pick up bad habits, getting addicted to various substances, rag picking to purchase abusive substances, form street gangs and engage in anti-social activities resorting to petty crimes like pick pocketing and stealing which eventually leads to bigger crimes. The project addresses three categories of children – children addicted on the streets, children out of school and runaway children from homes.

The rehabilitation process starts with a School Motivation Camp, where good values and the importance of leading a clean life are taught. Thereafter, depending upon the learning outcomes of the children, they are admitted to schools. It’s a one year project funded by Sarva Shikshana Abhiyaan.

The main objective of this program is to help such children to give-up street life and become part of the mainstream. We intend to evolve a Rehabilitation Framework with the help of this program which can be replicated and scaled up by collaborating with other Civil Society Groups and NGO partners.


Started in June 2014, Every Child in School is an initiative to make education more accessible. Due to poverty and lack of basic amenities, the fundamental right to be educated is unable to reach different pockets of the society and this initiative is a step towards that cause. In Karnataka alone over 4 lakh students are denied basic education and this is a cause of worry.
So far the project has enrolled 250 children in schools and is targeting another 100 children. In the year 2017, 114 out of school children were mainstreamed after bridging one year.  Now, we have identified 80 out of school children in the areas of Hoodi and Boganahalli, Bangalore.  We have started the bridge school. The Bridge School is funded by ‘Samridhdhi Trust’ and ‘Lets do some Good organization’.For more information please visit www.everychildinschool.org


We wanted to support rural children to get quality education with the help of the Dept of Education and eVidyaloka organization.   On a pilot basis, we began a virtual class set-up in the Government School at Hanumasagar Town, Koppal District, Karnataka State in partnership with eVidyaloka, who are the pioneers in the field of virtual class set-up. On Dec 21, 2015 we have also inaugurated one more center in Kanakapura, Ramnagar District

The Government School has allotted one class room to install the equipment to run the program. In the same class, everyday, three hours of teaching is being carried out by the program volunteers. The volunteers teach according to school syllabus for students from class 6th to 8th graders.

Overall, 100 children have benefited through this program. Feedback from students and government teachers have been very positive. We now intend to extend the program to two more rural centers in Karnataka.

11 Online Teaching Centre’s : There are four online teaching centre’s in the Govt. Schools functioning  in Kustigi Taluk,  five in  Yelburga Taluk, one in Sindhanur Taluk, Raichur District  and one in Ramnagar District. Total covering 866 students.