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The organization is working with the government machinery and has a good network with Sarva Shikshana Abhiyaan and Department of Education.  As per latest estimates from ASER 2014, it can be clearly seen that total enrollment to primary schools increased from 134 million to 137 million in 2011-12 and the trend continues, but the ratio of students in government schools have been dropping drastically in comparison to private schools even in areas where the urban poor inhabit.

We intend to start our residential homes in Government Schools which have low strength and empty class rooms. We leverage and tap resources of the Government to increase overall strength of the schools. In the residential homes, we provide access to basic facilities like food, shelter and after school follow ups to ensure that the child is getting a holistic growth. Currently, we are running the Rainbow Home in Govt. School, Jalahalli Village, Sneh Ghar in Govt. School at Akki Thimmanhalli, Shantinagar and Lakshya Udaan Home in Govt. School, Siddhapura, Bangalore.

Measures are currently on to implement Child Protection Policy.  To improve the health of the children, a balanced and healthy diet is provided to address their complete nutritional requirements.  Food is cooked according to a balanced, planned menu and other important norms.




We provide counseling to children, psycho-social care assistance for vulnerable children, promote creative learning, optimizing on learning abilities and admit children in Government Schools.   Further, we train the children on various aspects about leadership, problem solving, life skill education, discipline etc. We also conduct seminars on atrocities on children and women, early child marriage, importance of education, goal in life, strong will power, opportunities etc.  Overall, we give orientation on a lot of issues related to children and make them capable to face the problems.

Education is one of the most important rights we provide for children who live on the streets; it empowers, provides opportunities, and is valued both by the children as well as society. The educational backgrounds of children who live and work on the streets vary. These children need education options /programs designed to help them successfully transition into mainstream education, all of which will be done with more innovative and engaging programs, tailored to their particular needs.  Further, we also identify the high potential children and provide remedial coaching for the children to excel in their education.


These camps are suitable for rehabilitating addicted and hard behavior children.  In the urban areas, we find large number of children who have dropped out of school and indulge in small thefts, spending majority of the time on the streets, befriending bad company, efforts to put the child back in school is unfruitful etc.  For these type of children special intervention is needed like ‘Camps’ to motivate them to give-up the street life and take-up education.

Need Base India organizes the camps in the school premises of Govt. School at Vijaynagar, Bangalore.  The objective of the camp is as follows:

• Educate the children on the adverse effects of bad habits,
• Children to be taught the values of life,
• Strengthen relationship between children and parents,
• Create interest in education and support in continuing education,
• Counsel parents and evolve follow up method to keep the child parent bond strong and healthy.

The camp runs for 30 days for 25 to 30 children.  We have weekly schedule of the camp activities.  The camp covers the major aspects like (1) Ill Effect of Street Life and  Adverse Health Impact Due to Addiction to Substance Abuse, (2) Creating Interest in Education, (3) Family and Society, (4) Goal in Life and Strong Will Power.

Post camp, we organize parents meeting to share the children feelings and problems.  We encourage and motivate the parents to spend time with the children and also to pay attention about the daily activities of the children.

Through these camps, we find substantial changes in the behavior and attitude of our children.  Gradually the children can pay attention towards education.

Bridge Course:  After the camp, the children continue to stay for a period of three months in the centre and we focus on increasing their learning ability.  Depending upon the learning ability, the children will be admitted in the classes.

Settlement: It almost takes around 1 year for a child to rehabilitate.  All the children will be admitted in the formal Govt. School.  If the family situation is not well, these children will admitted in the Lakshya Udaan Home and Sneh-Ghar and continue school. If the parents are well enough to take care their children, they will be repatriated with their parents.


There are children who excel in sports and cultural programs.  Our girls have played Kho Kho and Kabbadi with inter school competitions and got an opportunity to display their talents.  We intend to reinforce the sports and cultural programs among the children on regular basis.  Martial Arts will be taught to all the children, as a skill to defend themselves when the need arises.  Children who excel in the Martial Arts will be connected with the training institutions of  Martial Arts.  Similarly, dances will be taught to the children by our volunteers with assistance from choreographers.

We visit slums and localities, build rapport with the local leaders, social workers, NGOs and parents by sharing our organization objectives and seeking their involvement in identifying the needy children.  We organize meetings at the community level to provide exposure to our organizations and also other organizations, which are doing good work in the community, and connect the community people with other government departments to avail welfare schemes planned for the slum community.

As the organization is working with children-related issues, it is connected with Child Welfare Committee, Department of Women and Child, Sarva Shikshana Abhiyaan, Police and Govt. School.  These departments know about how organizations function, and about helping needy children. Similarly, NGO’s like iVolunteer, RK Foundation, Tata Elxsi, Goonj, Sheshadripurma College, Lion Club, Sanjaynagar, Ee Gai and other organizations are part of our network.

The Government, Civil Society Organizations, parents and other individuals are much concerned about imparting quality education in Government Schools.  It may be due to various reasons, but how can the Civil Society organizations play a role in making access to the quality education?  Need Base India, with the help eVidyaloka, is providing quality education through virtual class set-up.  We have also plans to bring volunteers and paid teachers to cover the gap in the getting quality education for the children studying in Government schools.

Meantime, Need Base India is also focusing and exploring the opportunities for working with the families. Since the family is one of the root cause factors, we provide some job opportunities for the parents by employing them as domestic help, Office Assistants etc Every quarter, we hold parents meeting in our centre, to share the progress happening in the children and also we talk on the issues of saving money, adverse effect of bad habits, relationship etc.

The Life Skills program is a comprehensive behaviour change approach that concentrates on the development of the skills needed for life such as communication, decision–making, thinking, managing emotions, assertiveness, self–esteem building, resisting peer pressure, and relationship skills. Additionally, it addresses the important related issues of empowering girls and guiding towards new values. Life skills to make use of all types of information, like communication, decision making etc are taught. The Life Skills approach will be used by conducting interactive sessions, using role plays, games, puzzles, group discussions, and a variety of other innovative teaching techniques to keep the participant wholly involved in the sessions.  We seek the help of Dream-a-Dream Foundation and also from NIMHANS for this activity.